Candidate Selection Process

We operate an extremely robust and effective selection process which ensures that only the very best candidates are presented to clients on a short list of two or three. These candidates will be fully briefed by us, interviewed and immediately available.


Our selection process based on such criteria as: skills and experience; proven results; personality and environmental/cultural fit; yields candidates who fit our clients' requirements so well that a large proportion of our enquiries result in a successfully staffed project. Clients often are so satisfied they ask candidates to stay longer than the originally estimated time.


Candidate selection process


CV validation includes checks on the following details:

  • Name, address, date of birth
  • Adverse data – for example Bankruptcy
  • Directorships, including disqualified directors
  • Higher Education: confirm establishment, subject(s) studied, grades achieved – 1st and 2nd Degrees and dates
  • Professional memberships
  • Career history and experience